Thank you for showing interest in our small business! Before you begin your order we want to share with you the process that your order will go through as it moves from your brain, to our shop, to your hands.

Your order begins when you share your idea with us. Does your order have a date it needs to be complete by? What shirts do you want? What sizes? How many? What does your image look like? How big is it? Does it go on the front or the back? Is it a full front image or a left chest image? How many colors is your image? Do you already have an image or do you need us to create it? If you have an image, is it in vector format? Give us as much detail as you can.


The next step is artwork. If you don't have artwork, we can and will do our best to create exactly what you're looking for. If you have artwork but it is not yet in a vector format, we can vectorize it for you. If you already have an image and it is in vector format we can move right on to ordering product.

After artwork, we choose what products you want to print on. We'll help you choose between sizes, brands, and styles in order to get exactly what you're wanting.

Once we have all that information our printers do their part to get your image burned into a screen, set that screen up on our printing machine, and get your product completed perfectly and efficiently!

Basic order calculation:

shirt price + ink price = shirt cost

Shirt cost X # of shirts = shirt order cost

shirt order cost + design/screen fees + tax = total order cost

If you are looking for a small discount on your order, please ask about choosing from our stock product.

Disclaimer: our stock product can be very inconsistent. It is composed of extra products that were purchased for certain orders and never used. We have a surplus of some brands/colors and a very limited supply of others. This can be a great opportunity to hand select the products you want and get a discount!


What is a vector image?

Artwork in vector form has the ability to be edited to any size or resolution without any distortion. It gives us the ability to handle and print your artwork the exact size and format that we need.

How soon can it be finished?

We like to try and have your order completed within 2 weeks of you approving both artwork and product. If you have a set date that you need your order completed by please let us know ahead of time so we can organize it into our schedule.

What if I just want a rough price estimate?

It is difficult to give a rough price estimate without knowing exactly what you're wanting. Pricing changes based on different shirts, amount of shirts, how many colors your image has, etc.